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Flag Steward Goods

Get captivating, all-American gifts that will help Flag Steward to fulfill its nonprofit mission to: Build Better (more Informed, Inspired, Respectful) Student Citizens

Grand Opening

After 3 years of taking and posting engaging pictures of the U.S. Flag to the Flag Steward website and app, I've decided to see how these fan favorite images translate to products that inspire citizens at home, work, and school. We're opening this all-American store with the goal of funding more growth of the Flag Steward nonprofit programs' in schools and homes across the USA, as well as, someday increasing our staff beyond this one-man-Marine-band. :)

Thanks for considering to purchase Flag Steward Goods to support our cause. If you have any product suggestions, comments, or moans ;), please email me/us at Staff@FlagSteward.org

In God We Trust,

-Sean (Flag Steward Founder)

PS - We're launching with just a handful of print-on-demand photo goods, which, of course, all include a regular or handheld U.S. Flag in my pics :) I plan to add more products each week and feature them on the Flag Steward app & website.